‘You don’t know what chopsticks are?’ by Emily Hartridge

So I went on a date with a guy that I couldn’t really remember what he looked like….so it didn’t get off to a great start.  As soon as we met (he was wearing awful trousers!), it was clear he wasn’t one of those guys to take control as I already had to decide where we met and what restaurant we went to. I decided on a Japanese restaurant because it was fairly inexpensive and the portions were massive.  After a quick drink in the pub and some fairly awkward chat we headed to the restaurant. We sat down at our table and he immediately looked down to see a pair of chopsticks staring back at him, to which he said ‘What are these?’

In my head, I was obviously like….are you retarded? Have you never seen chopsticks before? It was clear to me that he hadn’t.

The night ended with a pity kiss (by me obviously) and a see ya later…..

He texted the next day. I did not text back.

I know not knowing what chopsticks are doesn’t sound like a deal breaker but I mean come on………..


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